Twitter like follow system – Using PHP and jQuery


We all simply love twitter and there are number of reasons to be in love with it. The best feature I love about twitter is it’s follow system. The way it is built and presented to us. Let’s see how we can replicate this feature using PHP and jQuery with obvious protection against CSRF attacks.

I am not going to involve SQL integration in this tutorial. I leave that as an exercise for you all. Before going further, let’s see the jQuery plugins used for a more polished system.


Here are the two most important links. Demo or Download


Here is the jQuery code which makes the AJAX request. Place this between the <head></head> tags.

I would love to see how you guys implementing this in your application. Send me your URL’s and I will showcase them over here.

  • caju

    Hello akshitsethi, very good script I tried a few ways to make integration a database but without success could create a second article implementing this function if possible? Thank you …