Photo uploader via PHP, jQuery and AJAX


You must be thinking what’s new in this and I would say nothing much. This is yet another flash uploader created by me using few open source jquery plugins and plupload flash uploader. Check below the great set of features this uploader offers.


But before that, here are the two most important links. Demo or Download


Features of this uploader are:

  • AJAX uploading
  • Thumbnail generation
  • Photo thumbnails and links appear without page reloads
  • Proper validation of files uploaded to ensure only photos get uploaded
  • Use of jQuery plugins like DIV scrolling and others to enhance the user experience


jQuery plugins used

  1. Nicescroll
  2. Timeago
  3. blockUI
  4. plupload


I hope you guys going to love this solution. I would love to know your opinion in comments.


  1. Hello, in FF 25.0 the images aren’t shown when you have selected them. The Upload-button doesn’t appear either.

    What is still missing to make this work? When uploaded, images appear in the left panel but not in my folder. I see you use a ‘process.php’. Is that the script that uploads the file to the folder?


  2. There is a “unexpected T_INCLUDE in “[..]/php/upload.php” on line 1″ when i want to run clear code. I do the work, make it run, but then it kicks me with”Upload Error
    There was an error uploading the photo.”. We need some forum or just help board here for your code buddy :)


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