Facebook like Slide panel using jQuery

jsIn this tutorial, I will show you an easy way to add slide panel to your application using jQuery. This panel can be used to show Facebook like sliding secondary menu. Let’s see how we are going to do this.


Here are the important links. Demo or Download


  • Tyler Matthews

    This is great akshitsethi, thanks for the tutorial. Is there a way to have this slider operate with an iframe? I have the slider and button working, the only issue I’m having with this is the menu and links are sitting outside of the frame and being pushed just like the button.

    How can I easily fill the slider with content?


    • Tyler Matthews

      Bueller, Bueller…

      • http://www.akshitsethi.me/ Akshit Sethi

        Hey Tyler,

        Can you show me a demo for this so that I can check and see if a solution to your query is possible.

        • Tyler Matthews

          Definitely, I’ll be back with an edit.